A Graeco-Latin festival held in 1937 to mark the placing of Auguste Cain's Bull sculpture in Allées Jean-Jaurès in Nîmes. The work had previously been in the Trocadéro gardens in Paris.

'Hundreds of girls wearing white Greek tunics and brightly coloured togas, carrying olive or bay branches and will ivy entwined around their busts [advanced] in a harmonious, graceful procession to the sound of distant music and assembled at the foot of the parvis of the Maison Carrée, while Jean Hervé, brilliant artist at the Comédie Française, Jean Hervé, grand priest in a tunic and a purple toga, [declaimed] with his powerful voice the fine stanzas of the 'Hymne à la Gloire de Nîmes, Souveraine Gréco-latine' written by our compatriot Éloy-Vincent, poet and artiste, organiser of this Festival'

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Ville de Nîmes, Carré d'art bibliothèque, 79792
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