The web documentary project on the Maison Carrée was initiated by  Carré d’art libraries and involved all the sections concerned at the Cultural Affairs Department of the city of Nîmes (Heritage, Municipal Records Office, Musée du Vieux Nîmes, Archaeological Museum, Fine Arts Museum).

The main objectives are:

– providing the public with simple, attractive access to content that is rigorously scientific

– linking the architectural monument heritage with the associated written and graphic heritage

– reaching a varied public: visitors, schools, researchers (for the resources section)

– exploring new forms of narration and the highlighting of heritage

– assembling the resources and skills dispersed among different institutions

– enhancing participation by web surfers and sharing content.

A project conducted by the City of Nîmes

Monitoring Committee: Anne-Marie Rames (Director of Cultural Affairs), Évelyne Bret (Curator of the Heritage Section,  Carré d’art libraries), Gérard Caillat (Research historian, Cultural Affairs Department), Aleth Jourdan (Curator, Musée du Vieux Nîmes), Jean Pey (Archaeological Museum), Bettina Rautenberg (Head of the Heritage, Architecture and Tourism Section), Patrick Vazeilles (Director of the Public Records Office)

Coordination: Didier Travier (Carré d’art libraries)

Technical and graphic advisors: Alexandre Simonet (Carré d’art libraries), Jean-Pascal Marron (Information systems management unit)

Documentary research: Évelyne Bret, Isaline Portal (Musée du Vieux Nîmes), Bénédicte Tellier ( Carré d’art libraries), Didier Travier, Patrick Vazeilles, Jean-Luc Nito (City of Nîmes)

Digitisation: Yves Grimaud ( Carré d’art libraries)

Photography: Fanny Duclos (Communication Department), Dominique Marck (Communication Department), Philippe Poublanc (Building Department), Dejan Stokic (Communication Department)

Note: Specific credits are provided for each image. Many thanks to all private and institutional contributors!

Texts and interviews: Hélène Bocard (INHA), Gérard Caillat, Marc Célié (INRAP), Dominique Darde (Curator of the Archaeological Museum), Isaline Portal, Jean Pey, Corinne Potay (Municipal Records Office), Bettina Rautenberg, Pascal Trarieux (Curator of the Fine Arts Museum), Didier Travier, Patrick Vazeilles

Actors: Bruno Ducret, Maëlle Goujon, Catherine Hamidi, Simon Léon, Victor Long, Graziella Longo (drama students at Nîmes Conservatory); teacher: Mathieu Loiseau

Voices: Jean Bousquet-Vela ( Carré d’art libraries), Michel Étienne (Carré d’art libraries), Jean Pey, Marie-Hélène Ramackers ( Carré d’art libraries), Adolphe Rossille (Carré d’art libraries), Didier Travier

Translation: Simon Barnard

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Project Manager: Yohan Quetand

Developers: Fabien Quatravaux, David Gueye

Art Director: Eric Gassan

Web designer: Alexandre Muttoni

Director: Chloé Gagliardini

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With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication

The project was awarded support by the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the 2012 call for projects for innovative digital cultural services.